Students work on video project in Toyota Connections summer program.

Students work on video project in Toyota Connections summer program.

The mission of the Greater Cincinnati Urban League is to transform generations by promoting personal empowerment and economic sufficiency.

Children who are academically prepared and who have developed the skills to succeed in life make up the first building block of a healthy and vibrant community. The League works to secure equity in access to opportunities and better futures for all youth in the Greater Cincinnati area, particularly those most often left behind.

At the center of this vision is a commitment to ensure that:

• Children enter school ready to learn and are prepared to succeed;
• Youth are provided a quality education;
• Youth develop the civic leadership skills that are important to them becoming productive citizens; and
• Youth are prepared to succeed as adults.

To achieve these results, the Greater Cincinnati Urban League improves public policies, systems and neighborhoods by building protective factors, reducing risk factors and by creating opportunities that contribute to the academic, social-emotional, and economic success of our youth and their families.

Urban League programs work to ensure that youth are being educated in a safe, nurturing environment by fostering academic experiences that help students to develop leadership, social and emotional and 21st century skills to prepare them to be successful in their educational and professional careers. Contact us at (513) 281-9955 for more information on these programs.

Academic Success

The Afterschool League provides support to students at Woodward Career Technical High School by offering individual and group tutoring, homework assistance, ACT preparation and college access opportunities.

Civic Leadership

Peace Builders is social-emotional curriculum. This collaboration with the Community Police Partnering Center incorporates a science based, research validated violence prevention curriculum designed to create a common language for peace. This model sets behavior expectations and transforms the climate and culture into one that is cooperative, productive and academically successful.

Career Preparedness

Year Round Youth Employment Opportunities are geared to help youth get jobs and internships and expose them to potential careers.   Our trainers emphasize soft skills to help youth succeed in the workplace.


These Companies are Transformational Supporters of the Urban League’s Corporate Heritage Annual Giving Program.