Promoting an Inclusive Community

The Urban League is committed to advocating for and maintaining equal access to the abunndance of opportunities available in our society. All of the programs and services under this focus area are designed to be a vehicle for equity and justice.

Public Policy

Our efforts are strategically aligned with the National Urban League’s Opportunity Compact. The Opportunity Compact is a comprehensive set of principles and policy recommendations set forth by the National Urban League designed to empower all Americans to be full participants in the economic and social mainstream of this nation.

Community Police Partnering Center

In partnership with community stakeholders and members of the Cincinnati Police Department, the Community Police Partnering Center will develop and implement effective strategies to reduce crime and disorder while facilitating positive engagement and increased trust between the police and neighborhoods.

African American Leadership Development Program

AALDP LogoThe African American Leadership Development Program (AALDP) began in 1993 and has graduated hundreds of African American leaders who are working to engage and improve the Greater Cincinnati community. AALDP’s purpose is to develop a pool of African American men and women from various backgrounds with interest in, and leadership capacity for, effectively addressing ongoing and emerging career and community issues.

During the ten-month program which runs annually from September through June, participants meet monthly to learn through lectures, discussion and direct hands on experiences about the many aspects of working and living in the Greater Cincinnati community. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, team building, health & wellness, cultural diversity and inclusion, Cincinnati’s African American history, power & influence, economics, human services, education and political & the criminal justice system and lessons in leadership are explored. Participants will also be exposed to the region’s thought leaders in business, civic, social, political and community arena.

To enhance the quality of the presentations, AALDP alumni and subject matter experts are used throughout the program to ensure the development of sharpened leadership skills. The presenters bring expertise and present information in ways that motivate and educate and encourage engagement in community and corporate activities.

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