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Web Banner Image for Giving Page HomeDonors have made a profound impact on the lives of our program recipients. The generous gifts from our donors enable our clients to tackle barriers to personal and economic empowerment from several critical angles and we are producing remarkable results. Anyone who has the vision and inclination to provide long-range needs can make a difference through giving.

Donald and Marian Spencer Giving Society

Donald and Marian Spence WEB

Donald and Marian Spencer Giving Society- recognizes cumulative individual giving totaling $100,000 to the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio. Your loyal support each and every year has an immediate and lasting impact on the Urban League.

Donald and Marian Spencer could be called the “First Couple of Civil Rights” in Cincinnati. Marian describes herself as a fighter. “All people should be equal,” she said. “There should be equality, above everything. Given equal opportunity, we all arrive at the same place.  To that end, both she and Donald devoted their lives to fighting for social justice and equality.

In addition to her serving on the Board of the Urban League, Marian is most proud of her work on the Board of the NAACP, serving on the Cincinnati City Council and the Cincinnati Public School Board of Education. She has received awards from more than 30 local and statewide organizations, and has been bestowed with two Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Cincinnati and Ohio University.  She is a member of the Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame.

Donald was named as a Great Living Cincinnatian in 1995 for his tireless work in promoting civil rights, but also for his excellent work in the fields of education and real estate.  He served on many Board including the Cincinnati Board of Housing, YMCA, NAACP, and Ohio University, where like Marian he received an Honorary Doctor of Letters.

Marian said she believes “people should invest their time, talent and treasure in organizations that are doing good work to make people’s lives better for themselves and their family.  I love the Urban League because they make sure that the money is used wisely to support the mission.”  Marian said while she is humbled to have a giving society named after her, she hopes it will serve as an inspiration to others that philanthropic giving is an important part of a vibrant community.

David B. and Dee Dillon Giving Society


David B. and Dee Dillon Giving Society- recognizes cumulative individual giving totaling $50,000 to the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio. Your loyal support each and every year has an immediate and lasting impact on Urban League.

David B. Dillon, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Kroger Co. is a thirteen  year veteran board member of the Urban League including  serving as chairman of the board from 2008-2009. A longtime supporter of the League Dillon was instrumental in implementing a special job-skills training program to local teen-agers in the Urban League’s YouthWorks program. Dillon’s philanthropic insight and commitment to the League was demonstrated in his profound involvement. His personal values were reflected in his giving and volunteering to the community at large. Dillon’s focus on transforming the league for public good, and the quality of life of those we serve, was paramount to the growth of the programs at the League. His philanthropic philosophy coincides with the League’s mission,” to transform generations by promoting personal empowerment and economic self-sufficiency.” Dillon attributed his career success to his supportive family and co-workers. His personal sense of hard work contributed to his leadership style. He believes that there is value in every job and learning the value of a hard day’s work is a lesson that has stayed with him throughout his career and helped to create the mission of the League.

Whitney M. Young, Jr.


Whitney M. Young, Jr. Giving Society- recognizes gifts of $1,000 or more toward any of the programs of the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio .

Whitney M. Young, Jr. was the courageous and charismatic leader who headed the National Urban League from 1961 to 1971. Under his direction, the League’s impact expanded tremendously, with its staff growing from 38 to 1,600 employees and its annual operating budget increasing 18 fold, from about $400,000 to over $6,000,000. Young was a keen negotiator whose ideas carried weight with three presidents – Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. The Urban League became an influential contributor to the Civil Rights Movement largely because of Young’s tenacity and determination.

Whitney M. Young, Jr.’s life and legacy embody the principles of the Urban League. He was in constant pursuit of economic opportunity and social justice for historically underserved and systemically oppressed people. Donors who contribute to the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Society at the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio help carry forward Young’s goal of ensuring the existence of economic opportunities for all.

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Donors who Give $60 will assist the mission of the Urban League by directly impacting our workforce development programs. For every 22 gifts of $60 received an individual will be sponsored through our program and assist them on their journey find meaningful. Click here to make a gift.

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