High rents stress working poor

Ayanna Wallace, who manages our Financial Opportunities Center, is featured in a video and story in The Cincinnati Enquirer and on Cincinnati.com. It addresses how high rents, that are likely to go higher, stress the working poor.

Also featured is Iris Jennings. Iris graduated from the Hand Up Initiative SOAR class at the Hampton Inn, Corryville, and then went on to graduate from Construction Connections.

The story, written by Emilie Eaton, has multiple layers to it. While addressing the issue at hand — high rents — the story is a powerful admonishment of those who blithely say the poor only want a handout. Here is a woman busting it every day to get ahead: working full-time, bringing up a daughter, taking college classes.

The Urban League is proud of Iris and all she is achieving. She knows were are here for her, to help her however we can, as she moves forward. She doesn’t need much help, though. She is a bright, determined person.

Please take time to read the story and watch the video:


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