Business Development & Entrepreneurship

“Our Mission is to help established entrepreneurs increase their capacity to take advantage of new business opportunities and qualify for financing that will lead to higher levels of business growth. We support those efforts by providing access to a state of the art customer contact center and a qualified, pre-screened workforce.”

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

SBDC LogoThe Urban League’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers one-stop assistance to individuals and small businesses, providing a wide variety of information and guidance. The program is a cooperative effort of the private sector, the educational community and federal, state and local governments. Located at Union Institute and University, SBDC partners include the Ohio Department of Development, the Small Business Administration, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. For more information about the SBDC and its services, please call (513) 487-1155. or visit the SBDC website at SBDC and like us on Facebook th

La Liga Urbana de Cincinnati en Conjunto con la Administración de pequeñas empresas, el Departamento de Desarrollo de Ohio Y la Cámara de Comercio Hispana de Cincinnati presenta la creación de oficina de desarrollo para pequeñas empresas (SBDC). Ofrecemos asistencia única para individuos en busca de emprender un negocio propio y pequeñas empresas ya establecidas, nuestros servicios incluyen una amplia variedad de información y orientación. El programa es un esfuerzo cooperativo del sector privado, entidades de la comunidad educativa y federal, estatal y local.

Ubicado en el “Union Institute & University” 440 E. Mc.Millan St., Cincinnati, OH 45206 Para obtener más información acerca del SBDC y sus servicios, por favor contáctenos al (513) 487-1155 en nuestra página en Facebook th

Economic Empowerment Center

EEC LogoThe Economic Empowerment Center (EEC) of the Greater Cincinnati Urban League helps established minority entrepreneurs obtain the necessary management skills that will enable them to take advantage of new business opportunities and qualify for financing that will lead to higher levels of business growth. EEC works with private, public and nonprofit resources to build strong, sustainable and successful minority businesses. For more information about EEC and its services, follow this link to visit the EEC website.

African American Business Development Program

Ohio River Valley Women’s Business Council

ORV LogoORV-WBC is an organization for women business owners interested in promoting, developing and maintaining business relationships with other women business owners, major corporations and governmental agencies. We are a non-profit organization with a mission to certify bona fide women-owned businesses and to promote the activities directed at the development, establishment, expansion and encouragement of businesses owned by women. ORV-WBC is a certifying partner organization in the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Through our partnership with WBENC, our WBE certification process is a nationally recognized and accepted certification. WBE certification is required by numerous private-sector companies and governmental agencies. ORV-WBC includes numerous WBEs and corporate partners located in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. For more information about ORV-WBC and its services, follow this link to visit the ORV-WBC website.

Customer Contact Center

Customer Contact LogoIn October 2012, The Greater Cincinnati Urban League, The Kroger Co., and Total Outsourced Solutions (TOS), a customer contact center company, announced the creation of an agreement to operate a customer contact center at the Urban League’s headquarters at 3458 Reading Road in Avondale. The Urban League/TOS customer contact center is initially employing 20 people and is expected to grow to 150 jobs within two years. Kroger is the customer contact center’s first corporate client.

The CCC takes service calls from Kroger customers at the new Customer Contact Center at the Avondale Headquarters of Cincinnati’s Urban League. Recognizing the need to develop new approaches to securing dollars to operate its programs and building on its seven years of expertise in customer service and call center training, the Urban League built a call center in order to secure contracts for businesses that needed overflow service or intended to outsource its business. The partnership with TOS allows the League to take advantage of a nationally recognized provider in the call center business while continuing to train and develop its staff in the particulars of call centers.

Dan McReynolds, Chairman of Raleigh, N.C., based TOS said, “This type of venture is a first for us, but our company quickly recognized the benefits of joining forces with the Urban League. Their multi-year call center retention rates are significantly higher than industry norms and this is what initially piqued our interest. We then witnessed concrete evidence that the four-week Urban League training and recruiting programs materially reduced the time required to bring the center live. The creativity of Urban League’s leadership and the quality of their graduates brings a value added partner that is hard to come by in this industry!” He added that this is an American Call Center being used by major corporations to keep such jobs from being outsourced overseas as many companies have done.


These Companies are Transformational Supporters of the Urban League’s Corporate Heritage Annual Giving Program.